Red Faction Guerrilla(PC) Is All About Detonating Targets

If you like intense action on ground then Red Faction:Guerrilla is a must try game for you.Unlike it’s previous versions,this is not an fps but a 3rd person action game. You are at Mars under the control of so called Earth Defense Forces.

Mars is under Martial Law and EDF are controlling 6 civilian sectors fighting for their freedom.You become a member of Red Faction, an organization seeking liberation from EDF.You are assigned different missions to complete so that you can liberate the occupied territories from EDF.

You will target critical points of EDF and cause maximum damage to them with minimum losses as you cannot afford too many of them.I will avoid any spoilers reducing taste of the game.

Guerrilla demands high system requirements which might be a sad thing to hear but by looking at graphics and effects of the game, it’s imminent why we need such high requirements to run the game.

If I summarize Red Faction:Guerrilla in one line then it will be “An extreme third person action with total annihilation”.This is what I think about this game after playing this one on PC.

I am not sure about consoles version but on PC this is a cool game if you have a PC strong enough to run the game smoothly.