Maximize The Battery Life Of Android Based HTC Hero Smart Phone

HTC Hero android based smart phone trumps iphone when it comes to running applications and processes in the background.

But there are lot of areas that require improvements to give a more smoother experience to the users.Few expected updates may help resolve these early issues.

There is one area where HTC Hero is just annoying and that is it’s battery life, which is unexpectedly too short for a smart phone.
It’s literally not possible to run this baby for 1 or 2 days straight on factory settings without having to charge it.

But by tweaking few settings you can extend it’s battery life upto some extent. Here’s how you can tweak HTC Hero to maximize it’s battery life.

Steps to Maximize the battery duration for HTC HERO

Disable/Avoid push e-mail / weather updates / Facebook and Twitter updates:
if u want to save more battery time for the HTC HERO you should decrease the time span for checking e-mail servers for new messages(via the “Set Download Frequency” option from the Mail service’s Settings menu) . The weather updates should be switched off from the options of weather application.

The one of the main feature in HTC includes the Facebook, Twitter and Flickr (or other social services) applications and frequent updates from these sites use much of the battery time which can be saved by retrieving updates at specified time.

For changing Facebook and Flicker settings, go to the People application, Update and Events tab, Data Connection settings button and change the update frequency.

In case of twitter settings simply go in menu/setting options in the Peep application then change the check frequency within the Send & Receive menu to a value that suits you better.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connections while not in Use
These applications consume battery life at a great speed so it is wise to disable them from wireless connections menu.

Switch-off “Background Data” transfers – But NOT if you’re using Google Services
By deselecting the background data transfer, great amount of battery life can be saved. But don’t disable it if you are using google services.

Leave positioning to the GPS alone and switch-off Wireless Network Usage
HTC uses wireless network triangulation for aiding the GPS for getting more rapid fix on the handheld’s position. People find it very useful without knowing that GPS alone can handle this task so it would be wise to switch off wireless network usage from location menu.

By disabling the “Enable always-on mobile data”
Keeping this feature on at night when you are not using it seems unnecessary when this feature alone eats vast reserves of your HTC Hero’s battery. So by deselecting the “Enable always-on mobile data” check box in the “Mobile Network Settings” menu you can save your battery from drainage.

These few tweaks will help you maximize the battery life of your HTC Hero smart phone with few exceptions. Meanwhile suggest and share any tweak you have used for the same purpose.