Reduce Lag On Left4Dead Dedicted Server

I have already written a guide on how to setup a non-steam dedicated server. Now steam is a bit tricky when it comes to maintain pings of the connected clients in your server. I have tried a simple mechanism and it has worked like a charm for me and people get descent pings on my server now as long as I don’t overload the slots which of course depends on the capacity of one’s machine.

Note: Laptops are not recommended for hosting any type of dedicated server.If you are having fps equivalent to 30 then it is not an alarming situation.

Now lets get started:
First of all you need to test your  internet speed(Bandwidth), use speed test for that.Before beginning the test make sure that you close all your applications using your internet bandwidth like downloads,chat messengers etc.

Begin the test and note down your upload and download speed.We are mainly concerned with your upload speed rather than the download speed.If you don’t have an upload speed equivalent to 384kbps,then I will recommend that you forget about hosting the server as it will produce ultimate lags.

After you have calculated your upload speed, use this link to correctly configure your Left4dead  server.

You should fill it for 4 or 8 slots and select SCRDS. After filling all the tabs click on the tab calculate.This will give you some parameters like sv_minrate etc.

Place these parameters in your config file if they are not present there.If they are already included then just change the values you have calculated here.This will reduce lag on your server and if the problem still persists,then try changing sv_maxupdaterate by 1 value till you find it best suitable for your server.

It’s all that simple. Now if you have any problems and queries regarding this Left4dead server lag, comment and if you know any good config that reduces lag then suggest it.