Monopoly The Old Classic Property Board Game Goes Global

Been missing your favorite old game Monopoly ? I still remember playing it for hours if not you. What if the same old Monopoly board game is globalized ? and by globalized I mean really globalized.

Are you confused ? well don’t worry let me explain it for you. Hasbro has developed a free web based version of old classic property board game Monopoly. That ranges across the globe using Google Earth and Street View to turn the whole frigging planet into one huge board to play the game on.

Did you get the idea ? whole frigging planet as board. Hasbro describes Monopoly City Streets as “a game of property empire building on an unimaginable scale in a bid to uncover the greatest property magnate the world has ever known.”

As the game is global now so players have lot of options in what they can construct on their properties. You can construct anything from cottages to skyscrapers, castles to schools but construction is costly. So in order to utilize all these new structures on global scale, players will start with 3$ million instead of mere 200$, they used to get in the classic board game.

They are lot of twists in the game as well, like chance cards allow you to build sewage plants and prisons on competitors sites. And only one person can buy a property at a time, and rent is paid automatically. With all these free features and a scale of epic proportions, it’s still free but for limited time.

Anyway the developer hopes to promote the upcoming Monopoly 3D via Monopoly City Streets. That means  Street View version of the game will not be around forever, it will be available for around 4 months starting tomorrow, the launch day. So do not dare to miss this frigging awesome game and enjoy it full atleast for 4 months 🙂