Free Online Football Games

Are you a football fan ? Want to play some fun free online football games ? well we have got a bunch for you to look at. From casual to pro, every game   is interesting and fun. Play or manage your real or fantasy football teams to glory and all that in a free online game.

Free Online Football Games

GongOnline is another free to play online cartoony football game featuring an  all round fun with friends and strangers alike. The game offers  total customization of your characters and lot of other stuff that can be changed to make it suit your taste.The game features gameplay that is entirely based on different places you play your match on. The maps are based on both realistic and fantasy crafted places and rules are different for every map which make things interesting and refresh.

Kicks Street Football
Kicks Street Football is a free massively multiplayer online football game with a community well over 300,000 players now. It is one of the detailed games ever made with intense gameplay forcing you to rely on teamwork regardless of your skills. The game features traditional street soccer conditions with rules, no rules stuff. But still requires you to cooperate and coordinate to win any situation, which make it one of the most popular free online soccer games.

Play For Your Club
Play For Your Club introduces a very unique gameplay system. Pick up your favorite team and take the volley challenge, the core gameplay element of this game. Score as many goals as possible to make your team top the table. You will be helping your team to climb up to the top of league with a weekly volley challenge.
All the the teams from English divisions get featured in play your club. It’s up to you to make your team conquer Europe, or get it relegated, its that simple. Play Your Club is completely free and doesn’t even require any sign up, just choose your team and play for it.

Free Online Football Management Games

Hattrick is the most followed free online soccer management game with well over a million users to date. The game covers teams from every country with custom leagues and tournaments. You choose a team, join a league and start dominating, or choose a team, create a league and offer other players to join that league, it’s all simple. It is offered in large number of languages to offer players better understanding.

Managerzone Football

Managerzone offers free online football and hockey management games with ability to see your match in full 3D in browser. In the football part of it, you are given a random team with choice to customize every aspect of it. Once you have made your team the season kicks starts, guide your team to the glory in this free online soccer management game. It is also backed up by large fan community.

Itsagoal is another free online football management game that literally comes as close to a full throttle management game as it can be possible. The game offers every possible feature of a management game. You create your team from start to finish, customizing every aspect of it. Managing to make it the ultimate team by winning tournaments and custom leagues. Itsagoal is very popular management game and has a large community to back it up.
Itsagoal gives you total experience of being a football manager and still it’s free to play.

Football League
Football league is fan based online soccer management game with realtime games played against realtime opponents. What’s the catch ? you get prizes in cash, the most encouraging feature any game can have.

Soccer Manager
Soccer Manager guys call this game as world’s best free online football manager game. Considering so many features it has, they may be right with the most active community to date. The game features realtime management environment with human players going against each other. The game offers players to control every aspect of their team. You get to choose the team you like, and then manage it. Join custom leagues and make yourself known as the greatest manager of all time in this interesting online soccer management game.

Simsoc is free online football management game featuring ability to see your matches in 3D mode as well. Game offers all the essential features of a football management game, with ability to recruit yourself as a star player in your team. The game is competitive with players competing from around the globe. If you think you are way too good for starters then prove that by getting invitation for Simsoc masters. Where you will be handed a chance to  prove yourself a great manager among the chosen one’s.

Sports Pundit|Fantasy Soccer

Sports Pundit Fantasy Football Manager is free fantasy online football management game with lots of cool prizes weekly plus a grand prize annually.
The game has been developed by football fans for football fans and features 4 top European football leagues. Choose your favorite team and then manage it to score as many points as you can to win weekly prizes. Top the manager charts to win trip to champions league final, worth it ? Hell Yeah!!

Free Online Football Game Portals

All Football Games
All Football Games is a web portal offering free flashed based/browser football games that can be played in the free time. The gaming portal has 100+ online football games among which some are really good.

Soccer Gamespot
Soccer Gamespot is another web gaming portal offering flashed/browser based football games that are fun to play and free.The portal offers a huge collection of online free soccer games to enjoy ultimate soccer experience.

Juggernart|Free Online Soccer Games
Juggernart makes it more interesting for football/soccer fans by offering a collection of highly rated free fun online soccer games. The portal offers one of the most fun online soccer games still they are free.

Know any good free online football game ?. Feel free to suggest and comment about the list of these free online football games we have compiled.