Adults Only Gaming Console Sexbox! lol?

Kotaku reports that we are very near to have an adult only console made just to play AO game titles. This console in question called Sexbox will let us enjoy adult situations, adult language and adult movies.

The story has come into light after Silicon Xtal Corporation filed a trademark application for Sexbox “Video Gaming System Console comprised of computer hardware with unique user controls which plays interactive Adult Only rated (AO) video game software titles.”

According to the trademark filed to US patent and trademark office, the sex box will have “proprietary software and firmware that provides access to associated AO content and entertainment in all other digital forms.”

Forget about these crappy details if you carefully see the above image, it tells the featured components of the sexbox and they are:
A Costume
A Lotion    …LOL ?
A Roter      …wtf is that ?

I wonder if this thing will ever come out and seriously I can laugh all day and still won’t stop, lol it’s that crazy. I am out of words already but have your say on this frigging crazy console, and if this post didn’t fill your appetite, read the full story via kotaku.