Free MMO Strategy Games Worth Trying

Have you been looking for some real good strategy games online ? but couldn’t find something that is free and also worthy enough to pass your free time. Who doesn’t like free Online games ? they are just too good not to play. Either way we aren’t losing money and that plus point is enough to give them a try. If you were looking for some good free strategy games online then your search should end here with these impressive free online  turn based/realtime strategy games.

After 3 years of it’s launch PoxNora is looking good and have gathered handsome amount of online community. It’s  a turn based game in which players  modify their runes, engage in different campaigns and adventures.
There are different game modes like Capture the flag and King Of The Hill modes. One can trade rune with other players and there are different types of in game rewards as well. Graphics are not bad either with some impressive map looks.

Dreamlords consists of two modules; one web based for the long term strategy and one client software based for intense battles and conquering. You are assigned as Dreamlord, which is a collection of some powerful souls from the ancient time.
Your ultimate goal is to develop a  powerful civilization army with strong army so that you can both defend yourself and conquer other lands with your power.There are several things to explore in it with different rewards and upgrades.

Saga is an MMORTS like Age Of Empires. You need to build a nation before you can battle with hundreds of players out there who also have build their empires.
You should act wisely while spending your cards. You should be well aware of your army’s weakness and strength so that you may act accordingly during the battle. The game is one of it’s kind and it’s impressive gameplay and solid graphics really make you love it.

Ground Control
Ground Control is another MMORTS with some descent graphics. The concept of colonialism and building civilization is the basic theme of the game. Although unit details are bit inferior to the surrounding graphics but still overall it presents an acceptable look.
You cannot select any computer opponents against the human opponent which goes as a drawback of the game. It also features a 30 mission singleplayer campaign. Game has got a descent rating which makes it worthy of giving a try.

Recently released Battleforge has earned lot of fame in a short time. In this game you act as a Skylord who is immortal and counselor to the gods after destruction of all known gods including sun.
Game is more comic type in nature and throughout the game, it is about ultimate power immortality and reviving gods.
There are 5 different characters to choose from including a very hot female character. Join the community today to unleash the god like powers.

Boundless Planet
Modern weapons of mass destruction is the most shining feature of the game. It is similar to Command and conquer and other modern RTS games. You begin from scratch and start building a new colony after the complete destruction of earth.
After sometime you find that there are some other  people both from earth and other worlds who survived and have started building their own colony.This scenario leads to war among different groups on the earth.

Shattered Galaxy
Kru Interactive claims that Shattered Galaxy is the only MMORTS that combines the taste of real time strategy with the charm of character building like in an rpg.
I disagree with the first part but the second part is true. In an ever growing universe you strive to make your name among them, make friends and form different allies during the course.
You will really like the vast features of the game and the fact that it has rpg factor associated with it that makes it one of unique in strategy games.

Gunbound is a turn based free MMO strategy game designed by Softnyx. Players attack each other with special units called “Mobile”.
Each mobile has three weapons as 1,2 and SS(Special Shot). The game has twenty Mobiles in total. Every Mobile falls under one of three different defense categories: Mechanical, Shielded, and Bionic, and one of four different attack categories: Laser, Explosion, Impact, and Electrical. There are different game modes like Power ball, Tag, and Solo.

In this MMORTS players build their empires and search for the ancient Artifacts for their own use.These Artifacts are powerful and can be used to conquer the world with your allies.
The game features several artifacts among them; The Red Dragon Artifact increases the damage your cavalry does to an enemy.
The Air Artifact increases the speed of all military units.The Bone Artifact reduces the fatigue of all military units and workers so you can work them harder and longer.The Fire Artifact grants an attack bonus to all military units.

Wulfram II
It’s another strategy game framed in a battlefield scenario where each player uses the assigned tank to accomplish different missions.
You should be careful while planning enemy annihilation as 2 or3  pinpoint fires of enemy may destroy your tank.
Graphics are not as impressive but destruction of enemy with one tank seems challenging and fun. Unlike other online games, a strategy game can survive on it’s solid gameplay. In case of Wulfram II the destructive gameplay is all it has, it has been surviving on it from the day one, meanwhile the developers should also focus on graphics side of the game to improve the experience of online gamers.

The Battle for WesnotH
As the name indicates the primary goal of players is to attain a title of Wesnoth by competing with all the other online players.This game also has a singleplayer campaign and there are different adventures to play.
There are 200+ units in the game which leads the game to creative thinking to utilize this vast variety wisely.You can also create your own campaigns and missions in it and there are many other things included in this Wesnoth world. The in game ability to create and customize the campaigns give you another reason to try this baby with all the freedom of the world in your hand.

Kingdoms of War
It’s a descent MMORTS having over 20000 community members in its community.
It’s a typical tactical strategy game in which one needs to battle with opponents with diplomacy and wise trade. There are 31 animated military units to build your army.
So act as a leader and take your nation towards glory. It’s more of a rise of nations concept, build your army, invade other opponents, trade, go for diplomacy or wage war. You have all the freedom of the world to use whatever approach you find efficient to be the ultimate power in the game.

TA: Spring
This game has been renamed to “The Spring Project”. This game has been built on  “Spring Engine” which gives a descent look to the units and battlefield. Engine is still in developing phase and they are working on it so that it can provide the maximum performance to savy gamers.
Even with engine that is still in beta phase this game has fair gameplay that will force you to play it more once you try it. You can expect alot from this game as it is getting it’s fair share popularity day by day with developer consistent in improving the game with updates and fixing bugs as they are noticed.

If you aren’t satisfied with these free MMO strategy games then have a look at free online fighting games and free online racing games.