Tatoonie DLC or Wait Of Two Months?

Lucas Arts have done a nice job with their recent DLC for Star Wars Force unleashed.
But the major issue that has been revolving around is that this DLC is not worthy of $10.
We shall discuss this issue later after having a look on this so called “Tatooine DLC”
Level starts on a planet named “Tatooine” (home place of young skywalker).
You will act as one of the “Secret Apprentice” of the dark lord “Darth Vader” who is supposedly considered as the murderer of Darth Vader.
Now the scenario of this DLC is totally opposite of the main campaign.You are after Obi- Wan Kenobi and during your quest you face powers like the Jaba’s Palace and the great bounty hunter Boba Fett.

Encounters with these villains make the game more interesting and somewhat challenging.Powers of this Secret Apprentice of the Dark lord are amazing making him the most powerful sith lord on the galaxy.
Character has been designed perfectly according to the scenario of the mission, which makes thing more interesting.

Now what about it’s high price? Well, if we look at the stats then you will realize that its pure business. Force unleashed will become the largest selling version of star wars after the release of this DLC. Those who like star wars from the bottom of their hearts could not wait and went for it regardless of the price. It’s true that the Sith Edition of the game will also include this mission in it but that is in two month time (in November).

That can be a long time for the fans of Star Wars so they went for it blindly. Game developers today know, when they should release their product for maximum profit which is ofcourse one of the basics of business.
So instead of whining over price one should wait till November and play it with the Sith edition.