How to Run Infected Applications Safely

Whenever we download something, there is always a chance of it being infected and the chances increase vastly if it’s a crack/keygen/patch or any file from torrents.

What if you are stuck to use an application which you know is infected but there is no other around it?. There is a nice little utility that can be used to run any infected application in a protected environment so that it doesn’t harm your system. The utility in question is called SandBoxie, and the best thing about it is, it’s a freeware program.

What is SandBoxie ?
SandBoxie is a utility that safely runs your application in a protective isolation called SandBox so that when opened, if infected by any malicious entity it doesn’t harm your system. It basically prevents that malicious software from leaking into windows by isolating and running it in the controlled environment.

You can use this small utility to test certain harmful applications, or for safe browsing by running your browser in sandboxed environment and it’s all good.
The process of doing that is simple, Right Click any application and then choose the option to run sandboxed and that’s it.

Safe Browsing SandBoxedSame goes for browsing, their is shortcut for this on desktop as well but it can also be used in the same way it is used for running applications in controlled environment, Just right click on the browser you intend to use, and then choose the option to run it sandboxed.

How to Run Infected Applications Safely Using Sandboxie
After all the explanation about the use of sandboxie we have done, running an infected application safely is self explanatory in itself. Just click on the infected application, and run it sandboxed, and you are safe.

How to Use Sandboxie To Find Viruses In Cracks and Keygens
As I have already gone throw the basic working of sandboxie, you can easily use it to test applications such as cracks and keygens, which always have a 90% chance of being infected files. It’s a simple few step process you can follow, using sandboxie to be on the safe side of things.

1. Scan any crack/keygen with your anti virus.
2. Regardless of the result, Open the filesĀ  sandboxed so that if they are in anyway malicious, they don’t harm your PC.
3. Now if these files are fishy when you will open them sandboxed, they will most probably try to execute themselves, because they are in a quarantine environment, your anti virus will most probably detect them so that you can remove them or even if it doesn’t, they won’t be able to infect your PC.

Download SandBoxie

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