Patent For Football Motion Controller, Says Nintendo

Nintendo has gone mad, has applied for a patent of a motion controller for football, wth ? They say their football controller has the potential to hit mass market. 

Vice president of research and development at Nintendo America, Howard Cheng recently filed a patent application for a soft football controller for use with the Wii and the Wii remote.

The way it has been shown working is amazingly not so cool, let’s say you can do anything and everything that a football player is supposed to do on the field, in your room with the help of this controller, amazing isn’t ?

This supposedly innovative controller will sense your body motions, swing of your arm, your shoulder motion, and your jumping motions to help you stress your muscles a bit as if you are physically playing football, Yeah! It’s that close.

The concept of running and throwing is basic to the controller. For throwing players grab the controller firmly and make a throwing motion, your pitch angle and force of throw determines the trajectory of the throw. Side to side motion will determine yaw angle and their are buttons on the controller as well to adjust other stuff we don’t know anything about yet.

For running, your speed will be determined by jogging motion that you will have to pull out in your room, lol ?. Meanwhile you can dodge tackles by shifting left and right and even jump by raising your hand, this motion controller supposedly will detect every part of your motion efficiently.

The mechanism of this motion controller has been explained via this figure so take a look.
Nintendo Football Controller_3I wonder the next time I would hear about a motion controller, it would most probably be  something like a small car controller for Need for Speed or boxing gloves controller for 3D fighting games. May be, you never know these days.

Nintendo Football Controller_4Nintendo Football Controller_5Nintendo Football Controller_6