Play Old DOS Games On New Operating Systems

There are several classic DOS games that still can be enjoyed to the fullest but now the problem is, new OS we use, don’t support this feature. Does that make you feel sad about it ? I wonder how many of us still want to play these old classic pieces.

Anyway, I wanted to play classic Prince of Persia and that my friend lead me to DOSBox, a freeware x86 DOS emulator that can be used to run old dos games under OS that doesn’t support it, like win2k. Xp, Vista, Windows 7, and  Linux.

DOSbox is not restricted to running games, infact it should be able to run any PC DOS application but due to emphasis being on games, support for communication, networking and printer is still in early phase.

It comes with a MS-DOS like command prompt, lacking many features of the original MS Dos but sufficient enough to install and play DOS games.DOSBox supports more then 3000 dos games to start with, and has a lively community forum to help you sort out any problem you face.

For user convenience there are several “How to” guides and an easy to follow installation guide that can guide you to install DOSbox on operating system you are using.

DOSBox originally doesn’t support Ubunto but can also be used in Ubunto to play dos games, follow this tutorial to play old dos games on Ubuntu.

With all the “how to guides” provided by the developers and an active   community to back them, it would be easy seeking help if you get stuck somewhere.Recon playing classic Prince of Persia ? Well I do.