How to Free Up System Memory|Defragment Ram

What is Ram ?
Ram is an acronym of Random Access Memory and is a short term memory used by open applications.

Why Defragment Ram ?
Whenever we close a large application, the system memory used by that application to operate, is not released back to your system as free memory, resulting in resource wastage. And it makes things worse if you are already running low on Ram so it’s wise not to waste your system memory and take steps to avoid this unnecessary loss by defragmenting your Ram.

Tutorial: How to Free Up Your System Memory
Windows utilities can’t be used when it comes to defragmenting your Random Access Memory “Ram”. For that you will be required to download a separate utility or use a simple script whenever you need to free up your system memory.

There are several utilities available for this purpose, most of them are free,  RAM Def 2.6 Extreme is one of them. The usage of this utility is self explanatory so it won’t be a bother. After it has been installed, you will be prompted to adjust few settings to your needs before you can run it.

(Settings in question are self explanatory and you won’t have any problem configuring this software).Use this utility whenever you want to free up your system memory, it’s that easy.

Now If you don’t wanna use any software for the sole purpose of freeing up your system memory then this tiny script can do the magic.

Create a new text document, and add this script “mystring=(8000000)” to it, now save the file with “.vbe” extension. Preferably rename the file to FreeMemory.vbe.Now every time you need to free up your system memory, go double click “FreeMemory.vbe” and that will free up all your system resources.

I had already covered this in our Windows Xp Optimization For Gaming article but thought of sharing this new utility so had to write about this tiny script as well. Anyway what do you think about it ? worth it ? has anyone given a try to Ram defragment utilities? If you know anything about it, do share it (Comments and suggestions are openly accepted).