How To Play Left4Dead on Hamachi

Half Life ruled the minds of fps fans like a drug and the concept of zombies in first person shooters got hailed by it.After that steam launched L4d which also got hell of appreciation by most of the fps fans.Here is a guide for those who want to play this game without the use of steam privately with their friends through any VPN software like Hamachi.

The person who wants to host over Hamachi needs to make batch file with a command line mentioned below:

left4dead.exe -game left4dead -console -novid +sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 +z_difficulty Advance +map l4d_farm01_hilltop

To do that open a new text document and paste the above written code in it.Now while saving the file write.bat at the end of the files name in order to make it a batch file.You can name it according to your own will but I will suggest  you naming it as launch.bat(complete name). Put this newly created file in your L4d directory.Launch the file and your server will be good to go and others can join it.

You can change maps by changing the map value in the command line.Be sure that you have written the correct and complete name of the map from l4d map directory.

In the above command its second scene of airport.Similarly you can change the difficulty according to  your desire.

Those who want to connect to the server should launch the game and write connect (The hosts Hamachi ip) in the console.You can enable console from from keyboard and mouse settings if it is disabled.Press enter and you shall join the host in game after the loading is completed.

If you are facing issues and are not able to connect to the host then make sure you do the following things that might help you joining the game:

  1. Make sure that every user can ping each other and the connection is stable over Hamachi.
  2. Hamachi should be at the top in priority list of your network connection.
  3. In order to avoid  Class C restriction error make sure that the first three octates of Hamachi Ip’s of all the users are same.
    Sometimes 2 similar octates can do but not always.
    (To change Hamachi Ip see the solutions below).
  4. Your firewall must not interfere with either your game or Hamachi.

Solution to The Problems
The most common problem that you might face while connecting is the Class  Restriction error.Actually the problem is at steams end and in order to overcome this error users must have same first three octates e.g if host has Hamachi ip 54.675.540.63 then all the other users who want to connect must have 54.675.540 as their initial part of the ip.

Otherwise they will get the class restriction error.To change the Hamachi ip and get a new one you should uninstall the Hamachi and delete your Hamachi folder from the Application data folder in the documents:

C:\Documents and Settings\***USER****\Application Data\

Now after deleting the folder re-install Hamachi and follow the simple registration method which shall provide you a new Ip. But the question is, Will the new Ip’s have the same octates? and the answer is, May or May not be.

So as a hint all the users who want to play l4d over Hamachi should create the new Hamachi id at the same time which increases the chances of getting the same Ip many folds.This method is troublesome but there is no other feasible solution for that as manual change in the Hamachi Ip does not work most of the time.

If you don’t want to depend upon this hit and trail method of getting similar Ip’s than you must try some other VPN software in place of  Hamachi.

I have personally tried Wippien and Tunggle to play this one and it worked absolutely fine for me without any configuration fuss. Leaf can be another useful software which does not require any serious configuration.

Still If you are facing any problem with l4d over Hamachi or any other above mentioned VPN software, leave your issues in comments or if you know anything that would help others then suggest these alternatives in comments as well, let’s discuss and resolves this matter together.