How to Fix CPU Overheating – Guide

CPU overheating is the common issue faced by the PC users, and most commonly faced by gamers so here is the CPU overheating guide to avoid it.

How to Fix CPU Overheating – Guide

CPU Voltage
Always be conscious of  CPU voltage settings in Bios, because it can easily cause CPU to heat up, so in order to avoid that, go to your bios and see if the cpu voltage settings have been assigned to auto or set too high. Check the optimum voltage for your processor from these two sources.
Intel CPU Specs

Processor Heatsink/Fan
Keep your heatsink clean, and make sure the fan is running at optimum speed. Check your fan speed periodically, you can use Everest Ultimate to tell you about the speed of your fan.

Air Flow
Make your casing is airy by having a fan at front but a bit at lower end for sucking air into the CPU and a fan at the rear for blowing air out of the CPU and make sure the cables aren’t blocking the air flow if yes then adjust your cables.

Thermal Paste
Use of thermal paste is not recommended because it breaks down over time and the application is not user friendly either, the most common problem in application process is either applying too much or too little. It should be as big as a small globe about the size of half pea put right into the center of CPU, and then let heatsink squish it out.  Use a good quality paste, they are many types of thermal pastes available, choose the one that suits your need. Some of them are :
OCZ Extreme Freeze Paste
Arctic Silver
Arctic Cooling MX2
All of these thermal paste come with specific installation instructions, follow them for best results. Also worth remembering is that when you remove heatsink you must clean off the old paste and reapply the new one whenever you break the seal between heatsink and CPU for thermal paste to work at peak efficiency.

Running PC on Low Voltage
If none of the above work for you then go to bios settings and set your CPU voltage below normal and see if it will boot. If it does boot then chances are that you have a problem regarding your voltage regulators on the motherboard and it needs to be returned or fixed.

Excessive Use and Importance of Heatsink
One of the common cause of CPU overheating is it’s excess use, let’s face it the heatsink that comes with your processor is not up to the task if you use your PC excessively. So buy a good one to be on the safe side.

Power Supply and Overheating of CPU
Low quality power supplies can also cause CPU overheating, because if they do not provide stable power to the CPU, it will overheat. Buying a good power supply would only increase the performance of your CPU as it is one of it’s core parts.

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