Master League Of PES2010 Won’t Be the Same

This is specially for those who say PES does not have the flare and detailed options as in Fifa’s manager mode. Konami have recently outlined the changes they have brought in Mater League of Pro Soccer’s upcoming version.Master League screen will feature three separate menus as Club House, Stadium Walk, and Office for the detailed scenario.

I am much curious to know how the designers have maintained these options with simplicity (which is the key of PES) or it has been made complex.They believe that it’s still simple to navigate these options and enjoy the game in much details.

The youth system that was lacking in the previous versions has been introduced and the scouting for young talented players have been improved too.You will also manage the youth  academy with your club to nourish the future talent for the club.

Player transfer is more detailed and realistic which of course will under the menu of “Office options”. Player contracts and sponsorship options have also been moved closer to reality so you will have to spend carefully this time in the market.

So, overall PES will not be all about just playing the matches and buying players ,it will offer many more things that can either be entertaining or can annoying for those who don’t like off field menus and options.To me it’s a good change as it will help us satisfy our soccer thirst in a simple manner.