How To Increase Your Internet Connection Speed By 20%

We are living in age of advanced telecommunication but still there are lot of people out there who use the old age cable internet connections, these tips are meant for those and they will increase your connection speed up to 20%.

Step 1
Log on as administrator.

Step 2
Go to start menu and Type “gpedit.msc” in Run command line. A window like that will open.

Step 3
On the left column, expand the ‘Computer Configuration’ branch if it is not already expanded.

Step 3
Under the computer configuration expanded branch, expand the ‘Administrative Templates’ branch.
Administrator Template

Step 4
Now that you have expanded the administrative templates branch, expand the ‘Network’ branch under it.
Network Branch

Step 5
Under the expanded network branch, highlight the ‘QoS Packet Scheduler’ in the left plane. After being highlighted it will show 6 new options on the right hand plane among which 3 are not configured.
QoS Packet Schedular

Step 6
We need to configure the ‘Limit Reservable Bandwidth’ settings, so double click on limit reservable bandwidth option on the right side, a new window will appear showing options to limit reservable bandwidth. In settings tab first enable it, and then change ‘Bandwidth Limit %’ to read Zero (0). Meaning zero percent reservable bandwidth, default is 20%.
Limit Reservation Bandwidth

Step 7
Now go to Control Panel > Internet Connections > Properties of your Connection then in general tab see if QoS Packet Schedular is enabled, It should be enabled.
Connection tab Qos Packet Scheduler

Note. See the large images more clearly by viewing them separately.