Call of Duty World At War Second Map Pack Hits PC as Part of Patch 1.5

PC fans has always been at the receiving end, How many games and game modes they have missed ? I have lost counting.

Anyway take a deep breath because Call of Duty World at War developers Treyarch hasannounced that World at War Map Pack 2 will be hitting PC as part of the patch 1.5. *Sighs*
World at War Map Pack 2 has got 3 multiplayer maps and one Zombie map Shi No Numa so it will be fun enjoying that in holidays. Anyway here is the official statement by the Treyarch Community Managar JD at World at War official forums.

“Hey PC fans,

I just wanted to give a brief update to let you know that Map Pack 2 will be included in Patch 1.5!

It’s in test right now, and is looking great – I will have more information next week.


Thank You JD for finally sympathizing with PC Gamers.