PC Version Of Street Fighter 4 Has Poor Frame Rates

It’s not the first time that a blockbuster game is presenting some problems to the gamers even when they fulfill the recommended requirements for the game.It happened before with GTA4 and Assassins Creed too.

Frame rates are  dropped to around 30 when V-sync or anti-aliasing is turned on at PC. In some cases the background went dark or contained some blurred colors. Any fps above 60 are considered normal for most of the games.

Even if you switch to minimum graphics(resolution)with V-sync and AA on,the fps won’t improve. What might be the possible reason behind it? Some say that the problem is related to the drivers of  VGA or it might be the SLI causing problems.

Switching SLi off and updating the drivers have not solved the problem for everyone. So what is the permanent solution to this problem if anyone wants to play with V-sync and anti-aliasing turned on? Regretfully there is still no permanent solution of this problem from Capcom’s side. Street Fighter 4 benchmark tool has  been released as a solution to test the fps but it does not help improving the fps.

So currently the temporary solution is to turn off V-sync and AA so that you may have the fps in playable range i.e above 60. I hope that Capcom will look into this problem and will soon release a patch to fix this problem.