Fifa09 Analogue Stick Problem Working Fix

I know Fifa 2010 is just about to release next month but it does not mean that Fifa 09 will be stopped being played that early.I have friends,who still prefer Fifa 08 on Fifa 09 preferring the gameplay of the first over latter.

One of the major problems with Fifa 09 was the joystick key setting problem faced by most of the players even if they owned the recommended joysticks.People devised different solutions some of which worked for some but there was not a comprehensive solution or patch.I searched a lot and tried different patches but had to face continuous failure.

But finally, I have figured it out and found a working patch that will allow you to set any key configuration you want without editing your devdata file. It’s an exe file so just execute it and it’s all yours and don’t forget to say thanks the developers of the patch (some Arabians I think :D)
Fifa09 Analogue Stick Problem Fix Patch Download