SAW Is Scary…

This time he wants to play a GAME with you. After 5 successive series of movie, its now time for the game. The game is set between the events of saw 1 and saw 2. This game will be totally based upon your intelligence.

Commenting on the game, Konami representatives stated that, “Everything is a test”, Everything is a clue”. In an interview, the game’s producer David Cohen stated that the game will “combine action, puzzles, mystery, and terror, and that “it has always been a priority to make sure the Saw video game feels like it is as important part of the puzzle as each film”. As you can see the game play it is giving the touch of reality along with the smell of fear.

Saw is hopefully gonna release on Halloween 2009 nearly at the arrival of 6th part. You can expect to see the game available on the Xbox360, PlayStation 3, and finally on PC.