Brief Look at Logitech G-19 and a Comparison with G-15 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech has done it again, I was really stunned to see that how many features this keyboard has. Let us see its specs:
1.    Tilt able, color GamePanel™ LCD (320x240pixels).
2.    User-selectable backlight characters.
3.    Twelve fully programmable G-keys with three macros per key.
4.    Multi-key input.
5.    Game/desktop mode.
6.    Two powered Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port.
7.    Intelligent cable management.
8.    Instant media access.

LCD on the top allows u to adjust it to the ideal viewing angle
Numeric buttons are on the left side and above buttons are for media controls providing play/pause, stop, skip, mute and a nice implementation of a volume adjuster in the form of a scroll wheel.
On the right it has 2 rows of G buttons; customizable macro keys allowing user to assign whatever they wish.

To the left of the LCD, we see the Logitech favorite game-mode switch which locks your Windows key to prevent accidental screaming. It also consists of navigational keys that allow you to use the LCD like a miniature interface in its own right.

On the right side of LCD there is a button allowing u to turn the back lighting on or off.

LCD Features:
LCD shows that it is covered with tilting gloss casing and it is in the center that will keep drawing a user attention. This LCD not only enhances the beauty but also the perfection of its work.

Connecting Cables
There are 2 standard powered USB ports for connecting purposes.

Comparison between  the G15 and the Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard shows  that they’re almost identical in width with only the G15’s key layout being about 1cm wider over all. Also G19 is more beautiful if we look appearance wise and its LCD enhances its beauty.

In term of height they are pretty same. Well the best feature about it is to change the back light color to anything under the RGB rainbow,but the bad part is,it being very expensive,US $205.9 plus shipping.