20 Steps To Ensure Lag Free Online Gaming Experience

1. First thing First Upgrade your PC, you will surely have lag on a low ended PC. Upgrading your graphic card and RAM will decrease your lag and will make a sharp increase in online performance.

2. Close all the background tasks, use your task manager to find the major resource using programs, close the ones you don’t need.

3. Select a low pinged server.

4. Get yourself a better Bandwidth connection from a reliable ISP provider.

5. Reduce the screen resolution man, you can live with 800 X 600, also lower your graphics a bit, you don’t need extra ordinary graphics for online gaming.

6. Sometimes changing the name of your .exe file of the game reduces some lag, before you go crazy at me I have an explanation, File Front Forums @ FactionRecon : Nvidia and ATI have special profiles for certain games that automatically get loaded when you play that game and if that profile settings become hurdle in smooth performance of your pc then we got to do it to make this game back to a normal one in an graphic environment our system is comfortable with. The profiles are set initially to maximize game performance by running certain programs that are directly related to that game but what if you don’t need those ?..

7. Make sure your network cable is not messed up, if it is, fix it man.You should always have your network cable in good condition, no kinks no sweat.You will be amazed how good or bad it can be when it comes to network cables.

8. Keep your system clean and healthy and make sure your fan works properly, because high temperature can be a major cause of online lag.

9. Good Antivirus and Spyware to regularly check your system for trojens and other malicious softwares and then set them in game mode to play the game, there are certain antivirus and spyware that support game mode now, so choose one for yourself.

10. Defragging your hard drive may increase the performance of the PC overall and also  make sure you have enough free space in the your system drive because an over crowded hard drive can also make your gaming experience miserable.

11. Upgrade your PC’s Cooling system. PC performance can be increased considerably when it is running on low temperature so you can play games on higher settings without your PC getting over heated.

12. Allow your computer a cool down period to ensure maximum performance and avoid over heating.

13. Over Clocking can increase your Hardware performance reducing online system lag on the other hand, but it is kinda risky approach and for that you surely need a good cooling system because over clocked PC’s get over heated quickly.

14. Stop all the downloads and torrents before starting the game, or you will be teleporting in the game.

15. Place your WiFi near your PC or Console and make sure it doesn’t has to go through a wall.

16. Connecting the internet directly reduces latency because everytime net touches a hardware latency goes up, More latency potentially more lag.