Sharkoon Introduces FireGlider Laser Gaming Mouse

This amazing Fire Glider laser mouse is part of the rush line up from Sharkoon Technologies,comes with all the technical specifications any pro gamer demands with high quality looks and feel that would impress any gamer.It’s design is made up such that it fits perfectly in hand to provide the comfort even in the drastic situations, has thumb pads to provide solid grip, and a weight tunnel system in the bottom to maximize personal comfort and performance.

fireglider_1Sharkoon Rush Fire Glider comes with seven buttons among which six can be programmed with various functions and the profiles of each user can be stored in the on board memory.

fireglider_2As in all gaming mice the DPI can be adjusted,it’s DPI ranges from 800-3600  indicated by various lights.This is basic function of any gaming mouse but mentioning it doesn’t harm.

Anyway this is what Sharkoon Rush Fire Glider Laser Gaming Mouse has in store for us:
• Laser mouse with 7 buttons (6 of them freely programmable)
• DPI switch with color display (6 steps)
• Weight tuning system (max. 19.5 g)
• On-board memory for macros
• Smooth running and finely adjustable scroll wheel
• Ergonomic design for convenient handling
• Special grip areas offering maximum hold
• Ideal for professional applications and gaming
• Supported operating systems: Windows 2000, XP and VISTA (32-/64-bit)

• Max. DPI/CPI: 3600
• DPI/CPI stepping: 600 – 800 – 1200 – 1600 – 2000 – 3600
• Max. acceleration: 20 G
• Mouse weight max.: 135 g
• Mouse weight min.: 118 g
• Laser sensor: Agilent ADNS-6010
• Connector: USB (cable length: 1.8 m)
• Power input: 5V – 60 mA
fireglider_3With the plethora of buttons and the stroke-able rubber grip, this mouse is a real winner. It provides a person with comfortable and healthy grip that is mostly recommended for the gamers. Its more easier to kill your enemy and take their headshots when you are comfortable with your mouse grip, the feature every Razer mouse has, but we are more interested in your thoughts so what u say ? Worth it or not ?