The Sims 3 Patch v1.2.7 is Out Now

The Sims 3 is one of those games who need no introduction.It has dazzled gamers from all over the world and it’s just the beginning.Game had high anticipations and it delivered the goods to perfection.Recently EA  released a patch for the game which will update  game to version 1.2.7.This patch has the following features:

  • Addresses some issues with Speed 2 and 3 moving too slowly. Some machines will have better results when using Speed 2 and 3 now.
  • Fix to story progression on/off selection toggle.
  • Fix for a possible crash with audio code.
  • Fix for babysitter routing off lots with babies.
  • Addresses some issues with Vsync and refresh rate problems.
  • Addresses some issues with DVD authentication errors and drive compatibility on startup.
  • This update deals with some issues on Mac systems that can crash the game while connecting to AFP servers.
  • Fix for a freeze that can occur when Sims attempt to clean out bad food from the fridge.

The Sims 3 patch 1.2.7 can be downloaded from the link provided below.
The Sims 3 Patch 1.2.7 Download