XtremeGear Xtreme Cooler HP-1216 CPU Cooling System

Like Black Mamba Venom System and Black Pearl, CyberPower has built some pretty lustrous computers as equipped with all the latest hardware, cases and cooling systems. Cooling systems being one of the many optional parts of the CyberPower built computers have, they offer quite a few reputable coolers in their choices already but now Cyber Power along with their sister company XtremeGear have developed a new product for air cooling solutions to be placed inside these “dream systems”.

XtremeGear has introduced innovative  Xtreme Cooler HP-1216 air cooling solution to be added to CyberPower’s lineup.

Specifications and Pricing
46 aluminum fins are used in HP-1216.

In the arrangement, these fins are double stamped to create dimples and bumps on both sides of each individual fin. These fins surround five heat pipes that come into direct contact with the CPU and aligned in two “V” shaped configurations as they pass through the fins.

Once the heat has gotten into the fins from the heat pipe transfer, it’s  taken down to the fan to keep up with the load the cooler is taking from the processor.

HP-1216 contains a clear 120mm blue LED 78.4 CFM fan.  XtremeGear has introduced controller system also allowing you to keep the performance level where u want when needed, and will also allow you to run the cooler at near inaudible levels.

The use of this controller will bring down the 2200 RPM, 78.4 CFM and the 37 DBA rating of the fan to your specific needs. The major plus to this cooler is that it’s built ready to run on any socket from AMD AM2 and up, as well as both LGA775 and i7.

Xtreme Gear Xtreme Cooler HP-1216 will be available at Cyberpowerpc.com for US consumers and Cyberpowerpc.co.uk  for UK.
HP-1216 will be released on 1st of July, ready to go into a CyberPower PC on July the 1st and will have a price of $29 U.S dollars.

XtremeGear has incorporated a bend on the entire side edge of the fins allowing  the air to be forced all the way through the cooler without any loss out the sides and acts as a spacer, also stabilizing the outer edges of the fins.

XtremeGear Xtreme HP-1216 CPU Cooler_heat-sinkHP-1216 six 8mm diameter copper heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU. Those pipes are surrounded by a multi-functional aluminum spacer plate.

Plate holds the heat pipes in proper alignment, are drilled and tapped to accept the universal mounting plate and houses a 50 finned pre-cooler. The heat pipes are bent into a “v” shaped configuration; then the 46 aluminum fins are pressed into place.
XtremeGear Xtreme HP-1216 CPU Cooler_heat-sink_2The fins of the HP-1216 are stamped with dimples, increasing performance of the fins efficiency to get the heat into the stream of air. The center of each fin is also stamped with the XtremeGear logo.

XtremeGear Xtreme HP-1216 CPU CoolerYou can see that the sides of the base protrude past the bottom edges of the mounting brace. The screw is more to hold the plate in place during transport, as the plate is supported by the lip in the base as tension is applied when mounting the cooler to the motherboard.

XtremeGear Xtreme HP-1216 CPU Cooler_Fan_4A seven bladed fan, with bright blue LED’s, offers 78.4 CFM at around 2200RPM and all this at 37 DBA max. This fan is powered with a 3-pin motherboard connector, so no PWM features.

XtremeGear Xtreme HP-1216 CPU Cooler_Accessories Accessories: Standing alone at the top is the universal back plate for the HP-1216, plastic coated on the reverse side which isolates it from any motherboard grounding. looking closely at the holes in the plate, each contain a key way; these key ways accept the long bolts on the left that have a key at the head to lock then into place.

Under the mounting bolts are the thumb screws used at the top to tension the cooler into place
Test Results:  after various temperature tests the results were:
HP-1216  has a maximum temperature of 57.9 ° Celsius, seeing the results we can easily conclude that XtremeGear has done quite a good job in their design and implementation of a good partnering fan.

GET ready for this ass kicking cooler on July 1st that is projected to have price of $29.