Orange Box Gets Novint Falcon Controller Support

Gaming is no more bound to keyboard,mouse or the simple joystick controller.Today we have different types of controllers to enjoy games more closely and with greater reality and it’s not the end but still a beginning for a new gaming world closest to reality.Valve’s update for Orange Box supporting Novint Falcon controller is another step towards the realistic gaming.

The controller allows gamers to physically feel effects including recoil, the weight of holding objects and even textures in the game. Valve has promised that they will add Falcon support to their other games including Left 4 Dead.

Imagine the feeling of zombies’ wrath with your hands and realization of that intensity blocked behind the screen.Although it’s not the most advanced form of controller but still it delivers the goods and lets you enjoy the game in a whole new perspective.

Update is available at steam and if you want to purchase the peripheral online than you can buy it from the official website.