What We Know About Crackdown 2

Open world games like Crackdown usually don’t disappoint fans.Original Crackdown was an award winning hit and earned great likeness of the gamers.People were talking a lot about its sequel before E3 that whether they would see more of Crackdown or not then at E3 Crackdown 2 designers presented the following footage of the game:

There is not much we know in detail about the singleplayer campaing and storyline except it is an open world adventure with some stunning graphics and combat moves in it.Game is bieng compared to APB (also an open world MMO), is an Xbox 360 exclusive and will be released in 2010.

Both the games feature a crime world like in GTA, but crackdown 2 wont be a MMO as it only supports 16 player competitive multiplayer mode.Game will also feature a 4 player co-op mode which is becoming a trend these days and should be, as it is always fun playing along with your friends.