Lost Planet 2 Will Hit PS3 and Xbox360 the Same Day

We all are waiting for this much anticipated sequel of Lost Planet. Lost Planet 2 release was confirmed on the official site few days back.They said that game would first hit Japan and then after sometime in US and Europe.But the game will be released first on Xbox360 and Ps3 version was planned later. Capcom has announced that now the game would arrive at both the platforms on the same day.

So that is a pleasant news for Ps3 users as it is always annoying to wait for your favorite titles due to difference in console release dates.They haven’t still confirmed the release date yet but they are thinking to launch it in winter.

This game has a complete potential to be a great hit,but you will have to wait till winter to play this one.Hopefully they will release it in vacations but that it is not necessary when it comes to business and competition.