So What Is APB ?

APB is the new online action game from Realtime Worlds, the developer behind Crackdown. APB was announced this year at E3 when EA revealed Realtime Worlds as the latest member of EA partners program.

Game revolves around the open world crime concept that Rockstar’s blockbuster Grand Theft Auto made popular and comes with an online system that supports 100 human players per city with all sorts of customization options.

The customization part of APB is absurdly deep, players have the leisure of crafting their character however they see fit, they can customize their clothing, their vehicles, the type of friends they will have, the type of music they would listen.

There are like 30 cars to choose from, with a variety of body mods and kit types and the ability to design your own logos/tattoos over them is just amazing. The game gives you the ability to play your own music from your personal mp3 library and if other players have the same sounds in their library as well they will hear it as an ambient sound coming from your car stereo.

If they don’t have the song APB uses Last.Fm to match similar artist in the genre to play songs that give off same sound. If you are not content with this feature of the game, the game has a built in music editor which can be used to create your own personal theme song to play when you kill another player in the battle.

APB is the game of choices, choices you make will decide your fate, and most important one of them is which faction you want to join.The game is set in city of San Parro which has been torn apart by violence and bloodshed due to the ongoing struggle between the most powerful enforcer factions and gangsters.

There will be missions that could be taken from the faction bosses, but there is also a system that triggers conflict based on your actions that you do within the city.

The gameplay of the APB is much of the same as Grand Theft Auto and Saint Row, games in which the weapons at your hand matter the most. The game will port to PC, Xbox360 and will be released in early 2010 if everything goes according to plan.