Max Payne 3 First Details

Max Payne, one of the classics of it’s time, the industry inspiring video game that was recently made into a movie as well, is returning with the sequel to the gamers, where it belongs. Max Payne after leaving N.Y.P.D and New York behind is stuck in a city of violence and bloodshed using his weapons and instincts to survive while searching for the truth and a way out.
The latest issue of the game informer magazine will have all the juicy details about  Max Payne 3. For now we know that Max is now a bald, bearded, and a pain killer addict. Being addicted to pain killer has several effects on the gameplay of the game.

Max is now in Sao Polo, Brazil so expect some crazy shootouts in latino neighborhoods. Max Payne 3 will have a destructible environment much like uncharted 3 and is powered by rockstar’s rage engine with  procedural animation. Bullet time feature is back and this time  it will be more visceral and ultra violent.

The next generation industry standard cover system will also be part of the game with the added day and night cycles. Max Payne 3 will also have a multiplayer part associated with it and this couldn’t get better then this. For more information pick up the july issue of the game informer to get more info about the game.

Max payne is one of the best games out there to introduce such a dark story,  with the unique bullet time gameplay. Also there is a rumor that max payne movie might be bundled with the game.The game will be ported to PC, Xbox360 and PS3 and is expected to be released in winter 2009.