Left 4 Dead Postponed:2000 Protetsants Made Valve Change Their Verdict

As expected, Left4Dead sequel will not be released before some content and updates will be released for the the first part. According to Valve:

“From a customer’s perspective, we think that given the sort of insane popularity of Left 4 Dead, that people are going to be super excited about getting a sequel to that.”

Further they said:

“We’re going to continue to do Left 4 Dead updates and release more content for Left 4 Dead, and then also have Left 4 Dead 2 coming out as well.”

It was inevitable I think as there was ever growing protest against the sequel.So they made a wise verdict and for the time being satisfied the burning fans.Of course,they wont want the sequel of 40 awards winning game to be a flop.

There is a complete interview of Mr.Newell at G4.Now I am curious about the new content for Left 4 Dead.I am not sure whether they will release the part 2 this year or they will shift it to next year.