What’s Hot in Left4dead 2 ?

A completely new game with hell of new things that will surely make this game different from the previous part. It has new characters, new location, with new zombies, new weapons (even melee weapons like a chain saw, axe, fry pan 😀 ), new twists, and an improved graphics engine with a much improved gameplay.
Left4dead 2 has got five completely new campaigns set in the Southern United States. This isn’t just a more maps bundled with the same engine of original game, it’s a completely new game.Details:
Left 4 Dead 2 contains five new campaigns. Each campaign will have four-player co-op, as well as Versus mode along with Survival mode. There’s a new gameplay mode that is not yet revealed.
L4D 2 has  four new characters with some new weapons and entirely new melee weapons that will make game more enjoyable also there are new zombies with their BOSSES  (new special zombies) like witch (the one I like the most :D), boomer, hunter, smoker  and TANK (I used to call him THE  HULK :D) , and a new gameplay(watch trailer).
The area in which we will be killing some Zombie Asses is American South. Story’s gonna start in Savannah and works its way to New Orleans; New Orleans campaign called The Parish : represents the final map, in which we have to battle through the whole city to reach the helicopter for extraction. The most surprising thing about this map is that it’s going to be in Daylight. Not every campaign is during the day, but it does make a weird and a nice change of atmosphere. Affecting the gameplay, zombies do behave differently during the day. The biggest example of that is the Witch; during the night she used to sit and cry (damn I love witch :D) but during the day she likes to wander around like a homeless old woman and cry, and that’s a big recipe for trouble. Wandering Witch has a nasty habit of showing up at the worst possible times — say in the middle of a frenzied zombie horde. You might not even notice her until it’s too late.
The climax of the Parish campaign is also a change from the original game. There’s no last stand while you wait for rescue (it’s do or die scene baby) ; as an alternative you must battle your way across a lengthy highway bridge that’s jumbled with cars, trucks, and zombies. Its gonna be fun to run through, as there are all sorts of hazards, including a lack of railings that could send you dangling off the edge. Moreover, tank or charger can also be there to kick your butt.
Several different routes are also there that u can take to climb the top of the tractor trailers. One more feature about this map is that The Parish campaign is the cemetery; and if  you’re familiar with New Orleans, you know that they don’t bury their dead because the water table is so high; instead, cemeteries are full of crypts. Well it all depends on you, If you’re doing poorly and need help, the route through the cemetery might be as simple as a straight line and if u are doing great the cemetery can be a maze leading you towards your death.
Talking about the most entertaining feature of the game is the intro of special zombies among them the most feared one is the charger. The first thing that comes in our mind is what can a charger be? a giant man, something very terrible like tank, or some more deadly and speedy thingy than hunter ?  NOPE he’s a bull. The charger is basically designed to defeat the tactic of the human players who try to secure themselves from more damage or buying some time to heal themselves by  getting into a small room or other tight space.
Doing something that is against the Charger, and you’re in trouble. He will get a good head of steam running and just slam into you; anyone he hits is knocked to the ground and helpless for few seconds. BEWARE of the charger because if he is able to grab you, you are in some real trouble, once grabbed by CHARGER: he pile drives them into the ground repeatedly; the only way for the survivor to escape is for someone to help him. But Charger is not powerful as tank he’s fast, he’s not as maneuverable, so you can dodge him like a bullfighter dodging a bull.
TOYS (weapons) that we will have to play with are silenced sub machine gun (the silencer has no game play affect; it just looks and sounds cool), a new assault rifle that is more accurate than the existing one, a new scoped assault rifle that acts like a semiautomatic sniper rifle, and more. These weapons have slightly different characteristics, so it’s not just an aesthetic change from the current arsenal. MELEE Weapons consist of an axe, a frying pan, a chainsaw and a baseball bat as well.MAIN idea behind melee weapons is that they can do one-hit kill to most of the special zombie types, but not the Tank or the Witch.
FOUR CHARACTERS that are gonna be in the 2nd part are:
1. Nick, the guy in a flashy suit.
2. Ellis, the mechanic.
3. Rochelle, the girl.
4. Coach, the big guy.
The is all the info regarding Left4dead 2. It seems interesting to me and some real difference surely gonna be there.  The release date of Left4dead 2 is 17 November,2009.
ENJOY  the gameplay and screenshots of different maps !

Gameplay Trailers

Axe Ownage

Dock Start with Silenced Uzi

Fire Ammo Gameplay

Frying Pan Domination

Simple Pawnage -.- I loved Frying Pan part..