Tekken 6 Art Galore and Few Gameplay Details

Namco Bandai showed some cheesy screenshots for Xbox360 and Playstation 3 versions of  it’s 3D fighter action game Tekken 6. These are not just models of the tekken 6  characters, rather this time Namco Bandai showed some gameplay screens taken from the game while playing the game and it includes a lot of screens showing high kicks of female characters of the iron fist tournament, making us believe that the developer is going for something we call smart marketing 😛
Any way their is much more to it this time, the developers have introduced Scenario Campaign Mode, which is a single and two player online co op campaign along that comes the classic arcade mode.
You may beat any character in arcade mode but what about 3 clones of the same character in Scenario campaign mode ? The scenario campaign mode is hard enough that you require a full arsenal of tools like machine gun, your own staff, flame throwers, and even giant robots. Another feature of the game is it’s built in character customization that was never present in previous games and is in itself more exciting then these screenshots.(Thanks Kotaku)