Can Iphone 3GS Beat PSP/Wii Graphics?

Micheal Shade,owner of Fishlabs is quite optimistic about  the gaming feature of Apple’s new iphone 3G S. IPhone has been making progress with some descent gaming titles in the past few months.Some experts did visualize iPhone taking place of Wii and Psp.But what is so special in 3GS that will will make it better than both the consoles? It’s OpenGl 2.o support in it.

“The OpenGL 2.0 support will push the iPhone beyond PSP,”says the owner of Fishlabs.According to him with iPhone 3GS promising greater battery life, and  with the second-generation iPod touch in terms of speed,they will make games closest to reality.
So, Fishlabs well known for their game designing are counting on the power of OpenGl 2.0. Let’s see if they can really replace Psp and Wii in the market.To me consoles like Psp and Wii cannot be beaten by them that easily and it’s too early for iphone to swap the market with it’s current features.But who knows we may see something more blasting from 3G.What do you think about it?