What’s New In FIFA 10 ? A Detailed Look

EA sports yesterday announced FIFA 10, with most of the details about the game, new features, improvements and all. I have been following fifa games since 1998 when I bought my first ever PC and  I have seen fifa game improving with every title, and most of the time improvements were what we demanded, what we really wanted in this game.

EA Sports has been clearly listening to the feedback they get from the fans to brought the changes in the game that fans wanted. Since the Pro Evolution Soccer introduced the total control in soccer simulation, EA sports Fifa had been criticized a lot about its restricted controls and no freedom in the gameplay aspects like dribbling.

Last year the Fifa 09 was pretty good excluding the bad manager mode to be fair, and fans being disappointed, made their voices heard. So EA Sports has introduced a lot of new changes in FIFA 10 both on and off the field  that will take this soccer SIM to the next level “Expected”.

In Fifa 10 the game engine has been refined for Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 to make use of the full power of these next generation consoles.
14-authentic-transfersThe much disappointed manager mode in fifa 09 has been replaced by a new much more enhanced manager mode, with features like match realism, authenticity of player transfers, and  player growth that has been improved to bring the game to the more realistic level.
12-authentic-manager-modeYou will not see players touching 99 skill level in just 3 years but for the exceptional cases.

The player growth feature measures three parameters of the players and those are: how well they grow, how well they develop their skills and how close they get to their potentials. In this way the developers have tried to make the player growth during the career as close to being authentic as they could.

Another cool feature that has been added in the game is the introduction of football realistic environment, you would really feel living on the edge of the football world.

Speaking about the changes introduced in the upcoming FIFA 10, Creative director Garry Peterson says:
“What we can do to take this game to the next level to change the experience, other things we are working on is the 360 dribbling again the feature that community wanted for a while now but we felt that we didn’t want to do it before because if we did it wrong it will break the game, we didn’t want to do it half heart because we knew the effect it will have on the game.

So we kept it aside until now because we knew we had the time to really do it well. So are working hard on 360 dribbling to make sure the responsiveness of the game and the fluidity of the game is still there when you have this level of movement”.

FIFA 10 producer David Rutter explains the new changes in the manager mode of the FIFA 10.
“We were little bit disappointed with fifa 09 manager mode experiencing I think most of the feedback we got from the fans. We spent most of the time doing what needed to be done in the manager mode. Needing to improve match realism, Needing to improve Authenticity, Needing to improve the transfer market, Needing to improve the Player Growth, How well they develop and how close they get to their potential and lastly we wanted to rap it up in a football world that you believe that there is other stuff going on within the game, all of these include there are about 50 major improvements we are making in that”.

Speaking of the changes that are coming in this new title of famous soccer SIM, lets take a brief look at some gameplay changes coming our way.
02-skilled-dribbling360 Dribbling
One of those few features that were never present in FIFA soccer game included 360 dribbling, only the restricted dribbling was present in the previous titles.

That was not so easy if you are playing with the keyboard and provided little or no freedom with the controller but now they have introduced the new innovative control system.

Which provides the full 360 dribbling to beat the defenders nice and easy. The bigger the player name the more cool maneuvers he can perform, it all works that way.
03-physical-play-freedomGameplay Enhancements
The introduction of the wider dribbling manuevers and the physical play freedom allows the attacker and defender to constantly fight for possession making the game more interesting and challenging. AI system has been improved now, the players move  according to the speed appropriate for the action and stay focused on the ball.

Players now have more awareness how to trap and control the ball, which positions are the easiest to do that and how they can do that earlier. Player positioning has been improved significantly.

The defenders cover the left out positions and dangerous spots more intelligently, attackers use the space to carve their runs more efficiently and keep themselves  in the spaces waiting for the through balls.
08-authentic-shooting1The passing system has been improved as well the shooting. No more half liner for you now, the game shooting has been  improved to make it close to realistic and authentic. Now the defenders have varied options in tackling, the abilities of the good defenders prevail when stopping a dribbler, they are more focused and avoid being caught easily. Defending has been improved to make it more of a tactical skill in FIFA 10.
Goalkeeper inteligence has been refined resulting in a more responsive and powerful rushing system, more realistic goalkeeper positioning and momentum, allowing for more variety in scoring.

All these new gameplay features make me think, finally I will be able to enjoy the same freedom and control that Pro Evolution Soccer gave to the players and that fifa soccer games had lacked all these years. The game will be out August 19,2009 and will port to PC, XBox360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, DS, and Wii.