Microsoft Project Natal “The Next Generation of Gaming Starts”

Microsoft introduced their rumored motion control system at E3 showing wide range of actions that can be performed by this motion control system named “Natal” utilizing a group of sensors.

It’s a small black box supporting extremely detailed body tracking which will be able to track the movement of every limb of our body and let us virtually play the game as if we are doing it in real.

Microsoft Natal is capable of providing gaming experience to multiple users during a single session. You can play with your friends and family so to say, it does not have any problems detecting both the movements of you and your friend standing beside you. It’s a next generation technology enabling you to enjoy the high end games like Burnout paradise using it as controller.

The technology is  designed in a way that does not necessarily requires a bright room to work, it can work in a dim light as well which in itself is good feature.It will offer features as auto sign up in Xbox live based on complex facial recognition.

During the press event at E3, Microsoft demoed a painting application which let you use your entire body to handle painting supplies and allowing you do things like throwing buckets of paint on to canvas and draw your artistic paintings. The video of that demonstration can be seen below.

Project Natal has it’s good publicity in the recent week, and things are looking good overall since it’s demonstration at E3, and with the add-on still far away from release date ( As Microsoft announced it won’t be coming out in 2009 ), we have enough time to criticize every aspect of this motion control system. As things stand it looks like this baby will survive the critics.