Sony Reveals Specs of PSP Go! At E3 Floor

Sony revealed specs of its new handheld entertainment system stating it has got more then just a Bluetooth. This new hand held entertainment system is specially designed for people who like downloading on the go.

Now you got two choices either buy already available in the market PSP-3000 or wait for PSP go to be released on October 1 in US, Europe and Asian countries excluding japan for $249. My japanese pals will have it november 1 for 26800 yen including taxes. The company says with both the PSP’s in the market the consumers will have the choice to buy the one that suits their needs.

PSP Go replaces the UMD drive with a 16gb of flash memory to store any digital entertainment related content, offering consumers unlimited options through Playstation network.

PSP Go is smaller and lighter then its predecessors and with the size small enough to fit in your pocket, it can be taken anywhere. PSP Go will be available in two colors Piano Black and Pearl White which are the most demanded colors since the launch of PSP systems.

In addition to accessing Playstation store directly from PSP via built in  wireless lan, the players will be able to connect it through Playstation 3 network and through PC’s using Media Go, a new application by sony.
Media Go will enable users to access and download entertainment content for Playstation store via their PC’s as well as easily manage PSP content on their PC’s.

This easy to use software application will be available in a cd rom bundled with PSP Go. Coming to PSP is a new music application “Sensme” featuring music recommendations and will be available on PSP as a download when it is released this fall.

Other features of PSP Go include Easy Sliding control panel, Original applications, Game Sleep function, BlueTooth function, and  Peripheral Line up. Headphones and Headsets supporting A2DP, HSP, AVRCP profiles can be used on PSP go.

PS3 wireless controller can be used on PSP Go but to register this wireless controller, PS3 will be needed. Some features of the PS3 wireless controller may not work on PSP Go.

New peripherals include the release of Cradle (PSP-n340) *7 which will enable psp users to enjoy watching videos and listen to songs while they are charging the batteries of their PSP GO, also included in the peripheral line up are the Video out port cables that will enable psp go users to enjoy the games and video on their home TV’s.