James Cameron’s Avatar:The Game Gets Featured at E3

Yesterday at Ubisoft press conference New movie to game was announced called Avatar, the game follows the storyline of the movie and is madeĀ  just to familiarize the world about the concept behind Avatar.

The Avatar video game is based on island called Pandora where the alians called Na’vi live, they are tall with tigerish skin apparently. Human come there mate with the alians and Avatars are born. I hope you have understood the concept now.

The human control the bodies of the avatar more or less remotely while their own bodies are in comma. The developer says the story of the game is intense and is much like a movie with frequency of events one after the other.

It’s James Cameron production, the game enable you to choose between Alians and Humans, if you feel like you have chosen the wrong side in Human Vs Alians, you can switch between them anytime. Here are the few screen shots of the game released in press event at E3. The game will be released on PSP,PS2, Xbox 360, PC,DSI, and Wii but a Big No to PS3.