Why Delta Force Xtreme 2 Is Not That Charming?

I am still confused that whether DFX2 (Delta Force Xtreme 2) of Novalogic is worth  playing or not.When I heard about the game,I was quite excited to be honest but when I played it’s beta,I was not impressed at all.

What is the deficiency?I played the beta version thrice before I reached a conclusion. Ten years back this game might have been a great hit,but today with stunning engines providing us some sublime graphics and cinematic you can’t expect the game as a hit based on the gameplay used 10 years back.

Character details are just average and the surrounding environment is also not much admirable.We can neglect these things if we find something special in gameplay but there is nothing unique in it.No concept of sprint,jump is there though.The crosshair remains rigid as if you are playing counter strike.

The scope of the assault weapons as shown in the images is least realistic.sniper’s scope is good though but you can’t move the person while the scope is open.

I feel that Black Hawk Dawn was better than this version in many ways.If I would define the game in one line then I would say:It’s a Counter Strike produced by a different developer but then again CS is a much better overall FPS game.

It can be a good game for multiplayer but I don’t think that singleplayer mod is striking enough.People today want games like ModernWarfare 2 and KillZone 2.

The game looks awful to say the least and simply after playing the game.