Ashes Cricket 2009 Marking The Return of Cricket In Video Games

It has been long time since I last played cricket game with my younger brother, I think it was  EA Cricket 2009 the last one. Well things are going to be changed now with Codemaster’s releasing Ashes Cricket 2009 for Xbox360, PC and Wii.
Ashes Cricket 2009 will be a fully licensed game title, with every major international team being represented along with 16 of the most popular stadiums of the World. Players will be able to play One dayers, Test matches and hot Twenty20 matches in custom tournaments or they can play the official Ashes series. The developers have added an extensive tutorial as well which will guide you through the gameplay of the game and help you learn all the basics of the controls. The game has Online option as well, two players can fight it out online while in offline mode the game can accommodate upto 4 players. Ashes 2009 includes real commentary from real commentators from the cricket world.
The game is being developed by developer Australian Transmission games and will be released near Ashes series to cash in on the hype of the Ashes one the ldest and most rivaled contest of the World.