Armored Front:DLC For F.E.A.R 2

After the first DLC in April,gamers will get their hands on the second  DLC of F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin this may,on 21st of May probably.Third and final add on will be coming later this summer.Armored Front contains two new multiplayer maps named Decoy and Conductor with 4 new character heads to give new look to your character.

Conductor Map
It’s a medium map in which  EPA’s will battle their way through the ground floor, as infantry you can choose to either support from below or scale the heights of the station and engage in long-range combat.

Decoy Map
Intense environment to test your skills,actually map is training arena for the Replica Soldiers, which used to be a controlled arena for combat exercises.War begins with the clones and ATC.

Armored Front DLC will be available on Xbox360 for 540 points.No news for its release on the other platforms yet.