Resident Evil:Degeneration For iPhone and iPod Touch

Capcom recently announced Resident Evil:Degeneration a third person action game based on the animated movie of the same name on Iphone and Ipod Touch. The game will be played through an on screen touch sensitive D-pad, the company has tried hard to put  a Resident Evil 4-5 control scheme on phone.

The storyline is entirely based on the animated blockbuster Resident Evil:Degeneration, you will be controling Leon Kennedy.
The animated movie was awesome and I truly believe this game will also be amazing from the looks of it, any big name game on Iphone would be amazing and we have already seen most of the big titles coming to iPhone what’s next ?

Call of Duty 4 now ? Anyway the game is already available at stores and will cost you $7 to play it on your Iphone or Ipod Touch.