Dj Hero Vs Dj Scratch Turntable Controller

With All the rivalry between Activision and Genius Products still on, lets take a little break to talk about the game controllers released by both of these companies for their upcoming Dj games.

First the Dj Hero Turntable controller, well it has got three buttons and a turntable. The company says the players will be able to plug in their guitars in Dj Hero  and play the game along with turntable. Is that all ?
The buttons look alike Rock band controllers, the color combination is also the same but will these three buttons be able to provide the simplicity that Rock Band provided ? that’s questionable atleast. There is more to this controller, some guru’s out there think that Activision might be covering some details about this controller like the Crossfader being small, what do you think ?
Now the Dj Scratch turntable controller,which is officially licensed by Numark who are real turntable manufacturers. Well Dj Scratch turntable has got “Free Spinning, Touch sensitive turntable wheel”, Five coloured buttons two more then their rivals 😛 and a small crossfader, all embeded on grey plastic.
That’s not all to Scratch-The ultimate Dj Game there is a cheezy list of 60 songs of hip hop and RnB genre’s. Among these songs some are licensed and other are cover songs, all these songs and the Scratch turntable alongwith the Scratch-The ultimate Dj game will retail for $100.
I think if everything goes as planned Scratch-The ultimate Dj game might edge Dj hero that is if Scratch is released…….