The Dj Scratch Saga,Activision Found Guilty

We have all heard about the recently going on saga between the Dj Scratch developers,rival Activision and the Seven Studios.The Genius products, the developer of Scratch:The Ultimate Dj game filed a case against Seven Studios stating that they were sharing the source code or Scratch secrets with Activision to reduce the competition with their own Dj game, Dj Hero.

After the court marching and all it looks likeĀ  Dj Scratch will finally be able to release their game and continue with the remaining work.
Why ? because the judge decided the case in favor of them and have issued an order preventing Seven Studios to share any game secrets or other related stuff of Scratch-The ultimate Dj game with any other third party.

Along with that the judges have also order Activision and their subsidiary Seven Studios to immediately return all the assets pertaining to Scratch-The Ultimate Dj Game.