Formula 1 2010 Tipped to be the Best F1 Game Ever

I have been F1 fan since the days of Micheal Schumacher and its magic and have been playing around F1 games since 2001-2002. I always anticipated most of F1 game titles mostly had to go to the salesman thrice a week just to make sure he pick that game for me. Really loved that game from the bottom of the heart, well it was also due to the fact that I wan fan of Schumacher and my younger bro was fan of Kimmy so we almost never miss this game.

Back to the post recently Codemaster’s dropped few details about their Formula 1 game and stated it will be the best F1 game ever made.
Game will be featuring the online gameplay, will be using Grid game engine, technical handling, racer rivalry, and the dynamic weather patterns that change the surface of the track and makes your life literally miserable most of the times.

Executive producer Gavin Raeburn told OXM : “F1 games haven’t set the world alight over the last decade and we think that the sport deserves a game which really captures its excitement and glamour.”
“The online component is as important as the single-player experience. Key to this is enabling people to find and play with the right people.”
“If you’re an arcade fan playing F1 online you probably want to play with like-minded players in shorter racers, rather than end up in a hardcore sim session.”

The game is expected to be released later this year for Wii and PSP and will be released in Q2 2010 for Xbox360,PS3 and PC, no date has been announced yet. So 1 year to go before we play the best ever Formula 1 game, I wonder why we always have to wait ?