Hawx US Eagles Fly Today

It’s about time US eagles join Hawx arsenal, Europe had the leisure of flying the latest of their fighting jets with the release of Hawx European Assault Pack and with this latest DLC US gamers will also be enjoying their finest deadly birds.

US eagles pack includes five planes one less then their European counter parts but the quality matters not the quantity. These planes are Mona Lisa’s of Air Combat, everything about them is perfect, just awesome, they are dream flying machines, most of them.

US Eagles pack includes F-4 Phantom II, F-111 Aardvark tactical striker,A-12 Avenger stealth bomber prototype,F-15 the Peak Eagle, and the Blackbird. It will be available later today for 400 Microsoft points or 4.99$ for Playstation 3.

Missing the screen shots ? See the US Eagles down under or Check out the Hawx Hall of Planes.