Fight Again to Control The Mars In Red Faction:Guerilla

Red Faction is back with its sequel Red Faction: Guerilla, the story is much of the same but the setting is 50 years  after the events of the original game. After re establishing red faction movement, the players take the role of Alec Mason an insurgent soldier as they battle for liberation from earth defense force.

Make your own way is the rule here, players will be immersed into the open world martian environment full of earth defense forces,The red faction army and the settlers caught between the battle, use the newly improved weapons,explosives,mines and vehicle to wreak havoc across the vast martian landscape.

The part I love about this game is that it allows players  to tear everything apart through the fully destructive  gameplay system.
The destruction thing and open world environment aside  Red Faction: Guerilla  also has the multiplayer client with it, which has  got all sorts of ultimate destruction game modes to play around.

This Sci-Fi shooter is developed on Geo engine 2.0 and will be released on PC , XBox 360 and Playstation 3 in Next month.Feeling cheezy about it already ? the demo of the game has already been release on XBox live as well as on PSN so check them out before you go for this game.