Microsoft Windows Wireless Gaming Receiver Old Gear Still Useful

Microsoft introduced Windows Wireless Gaming Receiver 2 years ago which decreased the limitations between Xbox and PC.

I hope you didn’t miss that if you want a wireless controller for your pc you no longer have to buy it if you got Xbox or Xbox 360 wireless controller because they can serve the work for you. You only have to buy this 20$ USB dongle which makes it work perfectly.

This USB dongle allows your wireless  controller to pull double duty on console as well as Windows based PC plateform. The result is that all those PC games that require a good controller are easily playable.

Like Alone in the Dark was the game I really enjoyed playing on with Xbox 360 controller because it had simple and easy controls there and Xbox 360 controller picked up the default controls on my PC but that one was USB controller what if you have a wireless controller ? the answer is Microsoft Gaming Wireless Receiver which makes it work on Windows powered PC rig.

The functionality of this Wireless receiver isn’t limited to game controllers it syncs with Wireless Headsets¬† perfectly fine and also works perfect with wireless racing wheel so your 20$ investment won’t be a waste of money in any case.

It has 30 feet range and can connect upto four wireless controllers with four wireless headsets. It works both with Xp and Vista.The cons of this wireless receiver are that it’s bundled software has minimal functionality with Vista but there are several compatible versions available which work fine with Vista.

The only thing that’s bad about it is that you have to remove the battery in it to turn it off which is strange if we think as the developers are Microsoft but they must have their reasons, they always have.