Logitech’s Master Piece G35 Headset With 7.1 Surround Sound System

Headset is an integral part of the gaming gear, it doesn’t matter which game you play, headsets are must. Logitech knows that and  keeping that in mind, they have come up with another of their gaming headset Logitech G 35 with 7.1 surround sound system.

Well this isn’t an ordinary peace of crap its the big one, it has got 7.1 surround sound system powered by Dolby digital which means you will be provided with the detailed in game sound field.

You will be hearing your enemies before they can try sneak up on you from behind. It has noise canceling technology and an ear enclosing design which avoids the unwanted distractions during your precious gaming hours.

It’s microphone also has a noise canceling technology so when you are on teamspeak or voice chat you won’t be hearing anything other then your team mate giving you suggestions.

Another cool feature of the Mic is that when you move it up it automatically mutes and when you bring it down it automatically turns  on so no accidental chat on TS now.

Logitech G 35 has got incredibly amazing speakers which give every crisp of sound, the highs, the lows, and everything that comes between them. The additional components that come with Logitech  G 35 are  swappable pads,Push ear pads,Spring steel core head band, and  Precision head band adjustment which enables you to  choose the adjustment that fits you perfectly.

g35featuresLogitech G 35 7.1 has got three customizable G keys, choose one for music, gaming or voice morphing, your choice its your headphone.

On ear audio control another cool feature of these headset, gives you quick access to microphone mute, volume and surround sound adjustments. Wanna have fun with it speak in the voice of Alien, Mutant, Cyborg, Space Squirrel, Giant or Troll, I will personally go for space squirrel.

There is lot more to logitech G 35 then we have talked here about but one thing is for sure all these features make it a kickass headset for any enthusiastic gamer out there.

It doesn’t matter if you are a wow player or call of duty shooter, logitech G 35 gives every gamer most of their desired features + complete comfort of logitech.