Zombies Inbound and This is Call of Duty World At War

Treyarch Made Call of Duty World at War a classic in their collection of games having previously disappointed with the late call of duty 3 but fulfilled customer expectations with new ideas and an amazing game.

With all that aside the downloadable content they recently released was icing on the cake I mean amazing DLC by any means and with that still fresh in our minds another DLC is coming for june release with three multiplayer maps and one new zombie map.

Fight it out for the control of the river bridge in Map Banzai, battle across a Russian train yard in Corrosion, or fight head on in the Sub Pens map.

Shi No Numa or Zombie Swamp is the latest map in our beloved zombie mode with already dead Japanese soldiers rising to attack in a misty swamp environment. This zombie level features Traps, Flaming Hell Hounds and new WunderWaffe DG-2.

All this with 10+ achievements and trophies for Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 respectively and Japanese zombies..Well!